Raleon Secures Funding to Build the Future Tools of Loyalty Marketing

Raleon Secures Funding to Build the Future Tools of Loyalty Marketing

A modern loyalty platform launches a new gamified tool for brands to convert and retain users.

Today, we are excited to announce our $3.8M seed round led by Blockchange with participation from Play Ventures, Alliance DAO and Portal Ventures. With this capital, we will be expanding our team and continuing to build out the best engagement and retention platform in Web3, including our latest product, Embedded Quests.

Incentivizing and rewarding user behavior on the internet is the holy grail for many web companies, and indeed a driving ethos of Web3. With Raleon’s Embedded Quests, decentralized applications (dApps) can effortlessly configure their own unique quests, fully embedded in their dApp, with no coding required. This allows for easy targeting of specific users through personalizing tasks backed by web2 and web3 data, delineating actions (ranging from in-app activities, on-chain actions, to ownership of specific NFTs), and providing rewards for successful quest completion. Embedded Quests has a conversational, chat-like experience for brands to create a personalized journey in order to build relationships with their customers, all within their own websites.

“The Embedded Quest feature is more than just gamification; it\’s a versatile engagement tool,” said Nathan Snell, CEO and Co-Founder of Raleon. “It’s an innovative approach to growing and nurturing communities, improving user onboarding, and driving long term loyalty in a fun and interactive way. Our current users have found they are able to successfully convert new customers and increase loyalty with existing customers.”

Current web3 quests often send users to external platforms for task completion, leading to a disjointed user experience with users rarely returning to the website of the initial brand. Raleon’s Embedded Quests keep the entire experience in one place, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user journey. Additionally, rather than just transactional interactions, users engage with a chat-like experience that encourages engagement and increased conversion rates.

“Raleon’s Embedded Quests allowed us to gamify our onboarding and conference experience – online, in real life, and on-chain. The engagement with the Quests were great, as it gave new and existing community members a great way to have fun and be a part of Game7,” Sarah Barchichat, Events Lead at Game7 and Windranger Labs.

Brands can now elevate their customer engagement strategy and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with their audience, ultimately fostering lasting connections and increasing loyalty. Customers see conversion rates jump 20%+, activation rates above 60%, and engagement rates that jump by over 50% from baseline. Raleon is used by trusted leaders in the web3 space like 0x, Phaver, and Game7.
Raleon uses on-chain and off-chain data to not only understand customers in a deeper way, but to deliver highly personalized actions to those users.

About Raleon
Raleon is a web3 engagement platform that helps brands, games, and dApps engage and retain users. Our SaaS platform, includes Growth Analytics, Web3 Marketing Automation, Embedded Quests, leverages both on-chain and off-chain data to optimize retention and conversion. Raleon was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Nathan Snell and Adam Larson, in 2022. Prior to Raleon, Snell co-founded nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking, in 2015 which scaled to a publicly traded company with a $7B valuation. Backed by notable investors such as Blockchange, Play Ventures, Alliance DAO, and Portal Ventures, Raleon is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to empowering brands to take control of their marketing efforts.

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