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Kith Loyalty: A Masterclass in Really Good Loyalty

Kith Loyalty: A Masterclass in Really Good Loyalty

Kith’s loyalty program took the retention marketing world by storm this year, and for good reason. This loyalty program exemplifies a masterful blend of customer-focus and sophisticated marketing, setting the standard for brands aiming to deepen their customer connections.

Let’s review the critical concepts and key tactics that make Kith’s approach so effective, including into actionable insights for brands and e-commerce retailers looking to improve their own retention with a loyalty program.

Start with Customer Behaviors

Key Principle: A loyalty program should motivate actions that enhance brand engagement. Brand engagement leads to more sales.

How Kith Does This: Kith motivates customers to engage with the brand by offering points for behaviors that promote integration into daily life. For example, they award points for checking into Kith Moments, which can include their store locations or pop-up shops (driving urgency to participate).

Further, their program incentivizes app usage by offering points for actions taken within the app, such as completing a purchase (driving more downloads and building a habit to check their app first before going to a competitor). This strategy not only encourages repeated interaction with the brand but also enhances brand affinity, which is critical for driving sales.

Actionable Insight: Design your program to reward behaviors that integrate your brand into the daily lives of your customers. This includes encouraging app downloads and social media engagement, which in turn, drive repeat sales and amplify brand advocacy.

Craft High-Value, Low-Cost Rewards

Key Principle: Rewards should be designed based on what your customers value, not just discounts.

How Kith Does This: Kith’s approach includes offering tier-based apparel and accessories, ensuring rewards align with what customers value most — exclusivity and experience.

Higher tiers unlock more coveted rewards, like Kith Vault access for shopping exclusive re-releases or the chance to skip the line at busy locations, providing status and convenience (the ultimate reward — you get to buy from us sooner!).

These rewards cost Kith little but offer high value to loyal customers, enhancing their connection to the brand.

Actionable Insight: Shift the focus to offering rewards that have high value to customers and low cost to you. Rewards could range from early access to new products, invites to exclusive events, to special recognition on social platforms. Customer’s love these rewards because they create status and exclusivity, and also reinforces their emotional connection to your brand.

Simplifying for Success

Key Principle: The accessibility and attractiveness of your loyalty program are fundamental.

How Kith Does This: Kith’s loyalty program creatively integrates with customer behaviors by rewarding points not just for purchases but also for engaging activities like attending special events or unlocking specific achievements.

This approach encourages customers to immerse themselves in the brand’s ecosystem, whether it’s through their app, social media platforms, or in-person experiences, driving both brand loyalty and advocacy.

It may sound complex — Kith has a robust and sophisticated loyalty offering. But it works because their in-app experience is well designed, easy to understand, and simple. This makes the program easy to understand and, more critically, easy to use.

Actionable Insight: Ensure the mechanics of your program are clear and straightforward. Simplified earning and redemption processes make your program more appealing, encouraging higher participation rates and fostering a seamless customer experience.

Leveraging Strategic Promotion

Key Principle: Loyalty is a growth channel. Promote it just like you would your other channels.

How Kith Does This: Kith effectively promotes its loyalty program through strategic use of their website, app, and social media channels, engaging their community and informing customers about the latest benefits and opportunities to earn points. Even more simply, they incentive customers to provide an email, ensuring a direct connection with their community that isn’t dependent on a 3rd party social media platform.

By integrating the loyalty program into their broader marketing strategies, Kith ensures high visibility and engagement, encouraging more customers to take advantage of the program’s offerings. This method amplifies the loyalty program’s impact, leveraging it as a significant channel for growth and customer retention.

Kith goes a step further with Moments, using location data to drive customers to limited time, in-real-life events. It’s personal and its exclusive.

Actionable Insight: View your loyalty program as a key channel for growth. Utilize email marketing, social media, and personalized outreach to keep your audience engaged and informed about the benefits of your program, driving ongoing participation. Loyalty programs provide some of the highest Return on Spend you’ll find in growth marketing — you can and should be promoting your loyalty program to maximize it’s effect.

Automate, Personalize, and Scale the Loyalty Program with Technology

Key Principle: Modern loyalty is far more effective and capable than stale points systems of the past. Technology is a powerful tool for scaling and personalizing the loyalty experience.

How Kith Does This: Kith’s loyalty program leverages technology by integrating its operations seamlessly across platforms (web, app, and in-store), ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for each customer. Kith built their tech in-house, but loyalty platforms like Raleon offer similar (and even expanded) capabilities for brands who don’t want to invest in the overhead of building their own technology stack.

Kith uses it’s loyalty program to gather information about you directly, giving them the ability to create truly personalized recommendations and incentives:

  • Product categories
  • Brand preferences
  • Your sizes
  • Product styles
  • Icon / Personalized user experiences in the app

Actionable Insight: Use analytics to segment, target, and optimize your program. Use AI to personalize your loyalty promotions at scale. This allows for personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences and behaviors, optimized to maximize your cash flow and profits (as well as reducing the need for manual intervention).

Tiered Engagement

Key Principle: Rewarding customers based on their engagement and spending levels encourages increased loyalty.

How Kith Does This: Kith’s tiered engagement system rewards customers with benefits that escalate in exclusivity as they progress through the tiers named Molecule, Elevation, and Vitality.

Starting with a welcome reward, customers at different tiers enjoy benefits such as access to exclusive products, birthday rewards, and periodic early access to select products.

Those who reach the Vitality tier experience the highest level of exclusivity, including Kith vault access, the ability to skip the line at select locations, in-store returns, and invitations to Kith events, all designed to enhance their status and experience with the brand.

Actionable Insight: Adopt a tiered system that offers progressively exclusive benefits as customers engage more deeply and spend more with your brand. This approach not only incentivizes higher levels of participation but also creates a sense of achievement and exclusivity for customers as they ascend through different tiers.

Focus your rewards on each customer segment within the tier — as customers become more loyal, they will value status and experiential rewards more and more, reducing your costs while simultaneously driving more incremental cash flow.

Modern Loyalty is Here. Are you ready?

Kith’s loyalty program serves as an inspiring model for brands looking to elevate their customer loyalty strategy. By prioritizing meaningful engagement, offering exclusive rewards, and employing strategic promotion, brands can develop a loyalty program that not only rewards their customers but also significantly enhances their market presence and growth. Embrace these principles, and your brand too can forge a path toward deeper, more rewarding customer relationships.

If you need help designing your own modern loyalty experience, Raleon is here to help. Built with AI first, Raleon enables you to create unique experiences for every customer, understand loyalty and retention through data, and systematically create more loyalty (and sales!) over time.

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