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Give your team the web3 marketing toolkit they need to drive growth and retention.

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Web3 growth teams are flying blind

You can't expect your growth teams to make data-backed decisions without actionable web3 data.

You're only seeing half the picture

Only using web3 data means a huge chunk of the customer journey is missing, forcing your growth teams to guess with their initiatives.

Your Web2 and Web3 data is not integrated

Dedicated web3 analytics apps unfortunately are missing behavioral data, and don't connect web2 data into their information.

You're treating every user the same

Your growth is having a hard time converting and retaining users because they don't know who to reach or when to reach them.

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Get Instant Web3 Analytics About Your Users

See what projects your users have in common, what other apps they use, or even setup your own key metrics to track!

See web2 & web3 data TOGETHER

Improve the quality of your user segments with hyper-specific dashboards based on actual user behavior.

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Turn insights into automated actions

Trigger personalized in-app messages based on web3 behavior, to improve user conversion rates.


Privacy friendly analytics

You won't be needing any cookie consent to run Raleon. We're not tracking IP, location, or other factors that might worry your community.

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Trusted by Leaders

"Crypto is in a great era of experimentation for applications and consumer facing products, and growth tools are critical to their success."

SHAYON SENGUPTA, Multicoin Capital


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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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