Measure Your Activities Across Web3

Understand what growth tactics are working and where users drop off, while preserving privacy.

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See What Marketing Efforts Make An Impact

Bring your on-chain and off-chain data together to gain visibility into your marketing efforts, whether it's through our attribution, campaign analytics, or User Flows.



Easily track marketing activities.

Our attribution engine connects the dots between off-chain activity and on-chain results so you can understand the ROI of your activities.


Web2 + Web3 Event Tracking Helps You Find Broken UX

By combining web2 and web3 data, you can see where breakdowns in your users' journeys are and fix them.

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Campaign analytics let's you know what's working and what's not.

Every campaign you launch with Raleon has built-in, detailed analytics so you understand the ROI and can optimize future campaigns.

Optimize Your Project's Marketing Efforts

Get started in minutes with Raleon so you can prove the ROI of current and future marketing activities.