Gain 100x More Data Points On Your Web3 Users

Web3 user analytics made for product and marketing teams. Get the most complete picture of your users, combining their off-chain life with their on-chain activities.

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Web3 Marketing Analytics Built for Growth Teams

You can't expect your growth teams to make data-backed decisions without actionable web3 data. Now they can, and without code.

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Web3 user insights but without the code.

Use our no-code Dashboard Builder to get access to web3 user data fast. You won't need to bother engineering to get the insights you've been missing.


Understand your users behaviors.

Get a detailed view of a user and build personas. These aren't just macro stats, but project specific details that matter to you.

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See the full picture by integrating off-chain data with on-chain data.

User Flows let you track the users journey across web2 and web3, connecting clicks on Twitter to on-chain actions like swaps on an Exchange.


Dig in to competitor details and benchmark.

Put our insights to work for you and see how your competitors are performing, examine look-a-like audiences, and see how you measure up.

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Better Understand Your Web3 Users

Getting up and running on Raleon is fast and easy. Are you ready to learn more about how you can have better user visibility?