Announcing Embedded Quests: The Future of Web3 Loyalty and Engagement

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Embedded Quests — a new tool from Raleon that embeds your own personalized, branded Quests directly into your website and dApp!

Welcome to the future of Web3 User Loyalty and Engagement. 🚀

It’s Time to Acquire and Retain More Users The Web3 Way

Rotating image of Raleon's Embedded Quest conversational user experience.

Quests can be a powerful tool in the web3 growth toolbox. They can drive meaningful new users to your dApp. They can help grow your Twitter followers and Discord server size, expose web3 natives to your game, product or service, and even reward your best users for their loyalty and support.

But the data is clear — most new users from questing services are simply farming for rewards, not converting into the customers and community that your project needs!

Quests shouldn’t require your users to go to a some other website that’s owned, branded, and controlled by some other company. You shouldn’t have to pay a high fee to a 3rd party company just to reward your own existing community! Especially when net-new users only stick around long enough to collect their reward before moving on to your competitor’s promotional quest!

Quests should be embedded into your app, consistent with your brand, voice, and values. They should be interactive and personalized, crafting a story that guides each user in exactly the right way for them.

Quests should bring together ALL the behaviors that matter to your project — on-chain, online, and in real life. Quests are about community, wherever that community resides. Quests should be fun, reward users, and build real user loyalty.

That’s why we built Embedded Quests, a user engagement platform we are releasing today. What can you do with quests? The possibilities are endless.

Quests can be better. Web3 conversion rates, user retention, and loyalty can be better!

  • Gamify your user onboarding
  • Convert prospects into customers and nurture customers into community advocates
  • Reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase lifetime value
  • Educate and reward your users with personalized behavioral loops
  • Roll out your own web3 native loyalty program, no custom code required

Use Quests to guide your users through an immersive journey that intertwines education and fun, while simultaneously showing the core values of your community (and converting more leads into users, and more users into customers!).

All directly embedded on your landing page, in your dApp, and in your mobile app!

Tweet by Nathan Snell. Customer acquisition costs are high and competition for the group of web3 users is increasing.

With Embedded Quests, You’re In Control of the Narrative

Embedded Quests offer an unprecedented opportunity to drive specific, measurable behaviors that are vital to your project.

  • Want users to join your Discord?
  • Complete on-chain transactions?
  • Hold specific tokens in their wallets?
  • Buy some merch from your online store?

No problem. Embedded Quests support all this and more, and does so with an interactive, conversational format that converts.

But it gets even better. With Embedded Quests, you can reward your users in real-time with NFTs, tokens, whitelist access, merch, XP, and more. Make it competitive with our Leaderboard feature! It’s a win-win — users get rewarded for real engagement, and you grow a loyal community that understands and values your product.

True Web3 Loyalty Starts Now.

With Embedded Quests, you can tell a story, onboard with grace, and educate your users all while incentivizing the behaviors that drive growth.

All of this power is now just a few clicks away.

The journey begins here.

We are officially launching Embedded Quests on July 5th at ETH Barcelona, but we’d love to give you early access today to begin your Quest now. Do you need help with new user onboarding? Have a leaky spot in your conversion funnel? Planning a new release and want to get the most possible engagement? Request access now!

Raleon x ETH Barcelona 🚀😎

A leaderboard showing quest participant rankings using Raleon's Embedded Quests.

Raleon has the honor of being the Official Web3 Marketing Automation Platform for dApps at ETH BCN this year!

We’re not only sponsoring but also adding some extra fun to the conference by powering the official on-chain and in-real-life conference quest with Embedded Quests.

The power of Embedded Quests is on full display in Barcelona. With over 25 Quests running concurrently, rewarding attendee’s with merch, Ledger Nano’s, and a competitive leaderboard based on XP for participating throughout the conference, Embedded Quests are a key element in attendee’s experience and sponsors ability to meet, engage, and convert. 

Attendee’s who participate in the conference Quest will receive a personalized NFT commemorating their experience at the conference, inspired by ETH BCN’s values, the city of Barcelona, and the future we can all build together in Web3. 

Not in Barcelona? No problem. Join us at ETH CC in Paris later this month for your chance to experience Embedded Quests in real life, online, and on-chain. 

Request Access to learn more about Quests today. We’d love to connect and learn more about your growth, engagement, and loyalty strategy! 

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