15 Engagement Tactics That Drive Insane Web3 Growth

The fundamental principles of a successful growth plan are not so different between Web2 and Web3. Understand what your users and buyers really care about. Engage with them in compelling ways that demonstrate your value. Measure and optimize the results.

Here are 15 tactics that you can use to harness the power of Web3 in your campaigns.

  1. One-Click Vampire Attack. Target users active on competing dApps, make it a 1-click buy experience when they land on your page.
  2. Elite Discord Roles. Similar to the One-Click Vampire tactic, give your best community members elevated status with one-click as soon as they engage with your app or the moment that hit that key milestone in your user journey.
  3. Persona Based NFTs. Generate limited edition NFTs to celebrate the user personas that make your project a success. Power Traders, Discord Elite, NFT Junkie — use the personas that specifically apply to your project AND each user.
  4. Permissionless cross promotions. Surprise and delight users that you share with your partners, community, and broader ecosystem. No need for a partnership — just start giving users more value! The data is on-chain, use it!
  5. Convert more leads from conferences. Does a user on your app have a POAP from a conference? Give them a special welcome when they visit your app later on automatically, personalized to them and the conference. It doesn’t even need to be your conference!
  6. Beta Access. Give beta access of new features to the exact user personas it’s designed for. Who else can provide better feedback than your actual users? And they’ll LOVE the ability to help the product improve to their specifications.
  7. Seed your loyalty program. Interoperable, permissionless loyalty programs are a HUGE use case bridging web2 and web3. Launch yours to a highly targeted audience of your users at the moment they’re most likely to use the reward.
  8. Build a Reserve List (for actual humans). By targeting and engaging with users using data from both their wallet AND Web2 activity, you can target the actual humans in your community
  9. Viral Loops! Targeted action prompts are the perfect way to ask users to share, refer, and let others know how incredible your project is. Launch the Action Prompt at the exact moment they’re most likely to share by monitoring not only their presence on Web2, but also their conversion cycles on-chain.
  10. Persona Based Messaging. Change the messaging on your site to match your persona. Stop treating DeFi Pro’s like they’re walking into a bank branch or treating a Crypto-Curious Gamer like they’re a lifelong degen. Personalization matters if you want top tier engagement and conversion metrics!
  11. Social Proof. Let your community know they’re in good company. “Did you know you’re the #332 BAYC member to use us? Ape on!”
  12. Personalized Product Offers. Let users know what pools are available based on the tokens they’re already holding. Offer a special in-game skin to accelerate player progression for existing Web3 Gamers.
  13. User Based UI Elements. Swap out the banner on your site to match your users favorite NFT collection so your user feels more at home and in vibe.
  14. Lifecycle based experiences. Encourage a user who has returned for the first time to take the next important step with you, making them a stickier customer.
  15. DAO Participation. Send your token holders to a DAO vote that is currently open to help inform participation. You can even run targeted campaigns to engage users who have voted in the past versus those who would be voting for the first time!

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