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Drive retention with a loyalty program that feels unique to each shopper

Leverage the power of AI and experience based rewards to 5x your loyalty revenue.
Leverage the power of AI and experience based rewards to 5x your loyalty revenue.

Personalized Loyalty Programs that drive revenue growth

Whether basic or advanced, Raleon uses AI to help you set up your loyalty program in minutes.

A unique experience for each customer

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. With Raleon's, you can give customers their own unique set of callouts and rewards. These personalized loyalty campaigns deepen brand connection and drive repeat business.

Standard and Custom Ways to Earn & Rewards

Choose from standard earning methods like points per dollar, or customize unique triggers to align with your brand and revenue goals, blending familiar options with your own creative criteria. Or, let Raleon's Copilot do the work for you, optimizing campaigns based on your brand, products, customers, and goals.

Seamlessly Integrate Loyalty With Your Brand Experience

Your loyalty program is an extension of your brand. Enjoy a fully branded interface that aligns perfectly with your store's aesthetic, enhancing the customer journey. Set it up without code, or go deep and tune every part. At every step, Raleon AI will ensure that your customers have a beautiful, easy to use loyalty experience.

We Help You Prove the ROI

Raleon tracks Return On Loyalty Spend (ROLS) to help you prove the value of your loyalty experience.

Your Loyalty Copilot, powered by AI

Your Raleon Copilot learns your store and customer data, delivering instant, tailored loyalty campaigns, insightful customer profiles, and streamlined campaign launch for quick, personalized engagement.

Built for Shopify

Seamless integration with Shopify for easy setup, tight integrations with the apps you already use, and a beautiful experience for your customers.

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Embracing personalized loyalty programs not only fortifies customer retention but also significantly boosts profitability. Research underscores this, revealing that a modest 5% increase in customer retention can catapult profits by 25% to 95%.